Exploring Ancient Mysteries & Natural Wonders: A Journey through Peru

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Exploring Ancient Mysteries & Natural Wonders: A Journey through Peru

In the sequel to my previous blog post, where we braved the heights of Ausangate, this chapter unfolds as we descend from the mountain and reunite with the rest of our expedition group in the vibrant city of Cusco. From serving cocoa tea to exploring hidden temples, this leg of the adventure is a testament to the richness of Peru’s history and the profound connection we’ve forged with its landscapes. Join me as we pick up where we left off, delving into the mysteries and wonders that lay hidden beneath the ancient stones of this extraordinary land.

We descended from the majestic heights of Apu Ausangate, coincidentally, or otherwise, during a solar eclipse and bid farewell to our steed, and set onward to the city of Cusco, and the comfort of a warm hotel room.

After a well-deserved rest, and meeting up with the rest of our expedition group, whom had all just flown in, we set out to explore the ancient city of Cusco. The Temple of the Sun, Coricancha unveiled a tapestry of Peruvian history and culture. What fascinated me most were the hidden ancient temples, built under church, silently standing as witnesses to centuries gone by. The artwork and structures of these concealed temples spoke volumes about the ingenuity of the ancient Inca, or perhaps, the ancients of Spirit who possessed sacred knowledge lost to us today. Intricate carvings and architecture hinted at a profound connection between the people and their surroundings. As we wandered through these time-worn corridors, I couldn’t help but marvel at the preservation of history beneath the layers of time.

After one last night of rest in Cusco, our exploration continued with a visit to Killarumiyuq, a place infused with ancient energy. 

Guided by the wisdom of Don Bernadita, we participated in a sacred ceremony, connecting with the energy of the land. In the midst of Killarumiyuq’s ancient ruins, we embraced a moment of meditation. Surrounded by the whispers of the past. The serenity of the landscape and the energy of the sacred site offered a profound sense of connection—an encounter that transcended the ordinary.

As we delved into the history of Killarumiyuq, the tapestry of Peru’s past unfolded. Each stone, each carving, carried the essence of a civilization that once thrived in harmony with nature. It was a testament to the enduring spirit of the Andean people.

Amidst the ruins and hilltops, we meditated and indulged in a picnic lunch, with fresh produce and cheeses from the local market, the breathtaking scenery enhancing the flavors of each bite. Soon we had to carry onward, as Killarumiyuq was only the first stop of the day.

My journey through Peru, from the heights of Ausangate to the ancient temples and ruins, left an indelible mark on my soul. It was more than an adventure; it was a communion with history, nature, and the spiritual essence that permeates that extraordinary land. Peru, with its hidden wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes, is a treasure trove for those willing to explore the mysteries of the past. Uncover some more with me in my next post, where we adventure onto hike up to Naupa Huaca…The stone temple, in a cave.